Tuning and performance optimisation

Our model

We are specialists in engine tuning, chassis modifications and suspension set up with extensive experience in optimising the performance of cars used in competitive racing. Our services include all forms of tuning, performance optimisation, servicing and ongoing maintenance.

We believe that to optimise the handling of a car, every part of that vehicle, its driver and what it is used for must be considered. Our "model" therefore comprises three main parts: the machine, the driver and the usage. These three elements are the inter-related parts of a constantly evolving whole.

MOTs and servicing

We service competition and road cars

Our services

Some customers want their cars to be safe, fault tolerant and reliable. Others come to us with a symptom to be diagnosed and resolved. Then there are those who come to us because they want to go faster.

We can build cars from the ground up or modify your existing competition or road car into the winning package you desire. We have experience in most areas of closed wheel motorsport and we would be happy to discuss your requirements.