Steve Guglielmi
Steve guglielmi

Steve Guglielmi is a product of the sixties in North London. His motor vehicle apprenticeship culminated in two college distinctions and apprentice of the year. He was first in class in his first motoring event and he was hooked on motor sport.

In 1984 he joined Stephen James BMW dealer in Enfield, North London and developed his competitive instincts, he was now competing in the top road going sprint class in a modified Vauxhall Chevette 2.3 Ltr.

First racing season

By 1988 his continuous success was rewarded with sponsorship from his employer to compete in the 1989 BMW Car Club Championship. He was dominant with 10 straight wins and 10 fastest laps. It was a dream first season in a car that was largely built and developed by Steve himself.

His competition career blossomed throughout the 90s in a variety of cars and in illustrious company. His reputation as a supreme builder and chassis tuner became a hallmark. He has built or set up most of the BMW Car Club Championship winning cars including those of Colin Wells, Peter Challis, Robin Hood, John Wilcocks, Brian Whitehead, Mark Williams and Peter Seldon.


In 1994 Steve became workshop manager in Malaya Plc's (latterly H.R.Owen) newly opened Buggati Lotus London workshop. All dealers were encouraged to compete in the TVR Tuscan Challenge. Steve was the natural choice and he remained in the driving seat for five years.

In a 1989 non-competitive car he had several top three finishes. The the car he built in 1999 was nearly two seconds faster in qualifying than the previous one. He had three pole positions and won three races during the most competitive season of Tuscan racing ever. Unfortunately HR Owen were unable to commit sufficient funds to compete full time and Steve left in March 2001.

TVR Tuscan Challenge

The C.D.L. race team wanted to win the championship and progress into G.T. racing. A deal was put together and Steve pooled his resources together with long term sponsors GSI and Arrow Pak and bought the car Steve had built at H.R. Owen in 1999.

New sponsors Eibach and ITG joined the team and they went on to win the TVR Tuscan challenge in 2001 and 2002.

Guglielmi Motorsport Limited

In April 2002 Guglielmi Motorsport Ltd was formed, it was the most natural thing to do; built as it was on a wealth of racing and mainstream (albeit specialist) motor trade experience. Success and customer service at the highest level with a small, dedicated, loyal and enthusiastic team specialising in developing all aspects of engine and suspension tuning for road and track cars.

Situated in the heart of the British motor sport world there is access to every specialist in the sector. A range of well-designed and engineered parts has already confirmed Steve's commitment to developing the Guglielmi and Scared Stifff brands and products.